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We structure the optimal portfolio mix that allows for purchasing power distributions and asset longevity that benefits today's and tomorrow's beneficiary.

Asset Allocation

Strategic target allocations serve as the foundation to managing client portfolios. We build investment portfolios that are based on long-term strategic asset allocations that seek to: achieve a target investment return while balancing risk, return and minimizing taxes, be robust under foreseeable economic circumstances, be well-diversified by type of market exposure and manager strategy, and incorporate both historical and forward-looking expectations of asset and sub-asset class risk/return characteristics. 

Objectively, we customize and manage the advisory account(s) on a discretionary or non-discretionary basis, which is guided by the client’s stated investment objectives.


We are committed to sophisticated research and knowledge management on asset allocation and manager selection. Gaining access to otherwise inaccessible managers, we seek top-tier investment opportunities globally in traditional and alternative asset classes including public and private equity, public and private fixed income, absolute return, venture capital, real estate, and natural resources. 

Accordingly, we will make recommendations to clients regarding investments in private businesses, as determined by several factors such as their level of sophistication,investment objectives, risk tolerances and level of liquidity.

Manager Selection 

Based on the client’s investment strategy, we recommend the most appropriate money managers to implement the asset allocation strategy. Our selection is according to an examination of the experience, expertise, investment philosophies,quantitative and qualitative judgments as they have a relation to the manager’s organizational stability, quality of personnel, historical performance and other factors. We monitor the manager’s underlying holdings, strategies, concentrations and leverage as part of overall periodic risk assessment. 

Additionally, as part of the due-diligence process, we survey the manager’s compliance and business enterprise risks.